Articles 24 Hours of Le Mans, bronze plates or plexiglass "Footprints Drivers"
brochures, collectibles, items "Amazing Le Mans" (souvenir medals, mugs, pens,...)
100% Sarthe products:
T-Shirts, Postcards "Chicken (te) of Sarthe", items, mugs, creations of "Caro from Le Mans"
ceramics "Clay Hands" books "Lavoirs in Sarthe" cartoon "The Secret of the Angels", magnets, keychains "I love Le Mans", bookmarks, pens, candle holders, luggage tags.

Jasnières wine, cider, rillettes into sterilized jars, ...

Many hiking guides on the country and on various sectors Mans Sarthe, GR35, etc ...

Get your souvenir items at the Tourist Office at 16 rue de l'Etoile - Le Mans