The Maine Saosnois


Less than two hours from Paris and Mont Saint Michel, the Maine Saosnois extends north-east of the Sarthe, as a link between Normandy and the Pays de la Loire. You are welcome in Maine Saosnois, and we wish you a pleasant stay.

Capital of the Saosnois, Mamers offers beautiful gastronomic and architectural curiosities to discover, such as its market hall and its small Eiffel Tower. City of good food and the brotherhood of the Knights Rillettes Sarthe, the city is turned to the image and cinema with two original festivals! The Maine Saosnois is a pleasant country that alternates picturesque bocage and cultivated plains. The built villages, such Contilly, Neufchâtel-en-Saosnois, will seduce you as it has retained many secondary residents. The Maine Saosnois is rich of original sites: The vegetable garden of Bonnétable, the Logis de Moullins in Saint-Remy du Val, the House of Hikes, the House of Rurality, the house of the hoof and trades of yesteryear ...

The Forest of Perseigne, open to all forms of hiking, is the green lung of the Maine Saosnois, and Belvedere, the highest point of the Sarthe Department.


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